The How, When and Which of Successful Private Equity Fundraising

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Private equity funding could be a lifeline for your business, whether you are in the survival or growth stage. However, securing funding from private investors requires more than just a great idea—a lot more. Before a PE comes to the table with a checkbook, they’re looking for a comprehensive answer to this question: “Why should we invest in you?” 

Private equity firms have specific expectations when it comes to potential investments. They are looking for companies with strong revenue growth, scalable business models, and the ability to attract great talent. It is essential to thoroughly understand the investment criteria of each firm you approach and tailor your pitch accordingly. Demonstrating a deep understanding of their investment thesis and showcasing how your business aligns with their objectives will significantly increase your chances of securing funding.

This due diligence process is one of the most time-consuming and rigorous aspects of raising funds through private equity firms. And it starts with your pitch.



Pitching private equity firms requires careful preparation and a strategic approach that is creative, concise, and compelling. Here’s how to effectively pitch your business and increase your chances of securing investment.

Tailor Your Pitch to Each Firm

Take the time to thoroughly research and understand the investment criteria, sector focus, and investment thesis of each firm you approach so you can customize and align your pitch with their objectives. A tool such as Crunchbase will help you investigate firms quickly to see if they are right for you. 

Clearly Articulate Your Value Proposition

A value proposition should succinctly articulate the unique value that your business brings to the market and concisely and convincingly answer these questions: What problem do we solve? How do we solve that problem better than competitors? What is your competitive advantage? 

Showcase a Clear Growth Strategy

Private equity firms invest in businesses that can identify and capitalize on growth opportunities. It’s crucial to showcase a growth strategy that is supported by market research, a deep understanding of your total addressable market (TAM), and a solid execution plan. 

Demonstrate Your Financial Acumen 

Private equity firms are highly interested in the financial performance and projections of potential investments. You’ll need to demonstrate a deep understanding of financial principles, historical financial statements, projections, and a clear plan to utilize the investment funds.  

Be Transparent and Authentic

Transparency and authenticity build trust and credibility and are critical when pitching to private equity firms. Be honest and realistic about the challenges and risks your business may face and demonstrate your ability to mitigate them. 



Timing is crucial to the success of fundraising through private equity firms. Are you at these pivot points yet?

Exponential Growth Opportunities

If you find your business on the brink of scalable growth, where the demand for your product or service is surpassing your current capacity, it could be the perfect time to seek additional funds to seize opportunities.

Market Trends and Shifts

Keep an eye on market trends! If you notice a shift in your industry that aligns with your business's strengths, fundraising could be the catalyst to capitalize on these changes and stay ahead of the curve.

Capacity Constraints

Feeling the strain on your resources? If you're turning away potential customers or struggling to meet the demand, it's a clear sign that injecting capital could help you scale operations and meet customer needs effectively.

Strategic Expansion Plans

Planning to expand your product line or enter new markets? Fundraising can provide the financial fuel needed to execute strategic expansion plans, allowing you to reach a broader audience and diversify your offerings.

Building a Stellar Team

Assembling a dream team is a crucial part of business success. If you see the need to bring in top-tier talent but are limited by budget constraints, fundraising can empower you to attract and retain the best in the industry.



Pitching the wrong PEs is a waste of your valuable time. That’s why it is absolutely critical to prioritize which firms and events to participate in. Here are some tips to help choose which ones you should attend.

Know Your Audience

Participating in events where your target audience is present and where the events are specifically designed to invest in companies like yours is key. There are pitch events targeted to certain minorities, locations, and types of ideas (for example, green energy). 

Reputation Matters

Consider the reputation of the event organizers. Events hosted by reputable organizations often attract quality investors and industry leaders. Being associated with well-regarded events can positively impact your brand image and value..

Evaluate Networking Opportunities

While the main stage is essential, so is the chance to network. Some of the most fruitful connections happen in casual settings. Look for events that provide ample networking time; it could be the game-changer your business needs.

Consider Industry Relevance

Ensure the event aligns with your industry. Pitching to a crowd familiar with your sector can fast-track understanding and interest. Industry-specific events often lead to more meaningful conversations.



A high performing advisory board can make your company more attractive to investors. Having respected and accomplished advisors significantly enhances the credibility of your value proposition, especially if you can point to tangible results they deliver for you.   

Here are a few reasons why high performing advisory boards raise your value:

They can provide strategic guidance

Advisory board members have often traveled a similar path as you have, so they can provide insight and assistance defining your value proposition, creating a compelling investment thesis, and specific ideas to reach new markets that make your company more valuable. 

They have access to a network of potential investors.

Advisory board members often have extensive industry connections, giving you access to a wider pool of potential investors and help increase your chance of securing funding.


They can endorse your financial projections and growth plans.

Looking for a directory of pitch events?  Try this site. board members bring a fresh set of eyes and a wealth of insights and expertise that can help identify potential risks to be addressed and opportunities to capitalize on. 



If you find your growing business at a pivot point needing a safety net, more capacity, more resources, or an opportunity to try something new, you could greatly benefit from private equity investors. Getting noticed comes by being able to fully understand and demonstrate the answer to their question—“Why should we invest in you?—in a way that makes them comfortable and enthusiastic about a partnership.   

If you're looking to supercharge your fundraising efforts, consider harnessing the expertise of an advisory board. Contact The ABPlatform to learn more about how our advisory board services can help your private equity partnership achieve fundraising success. Schedule a Discovery Call today!  

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