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The Advisory Equation: Thrive by Helping Others Succeed

We believe we can impact the American economy by matching early stage companies with the advisors they need and deserve. 

Collectively we have built successful startups, delivered record results within Fortune 500 companies, and have developed deep recruiting and process improvement capability. 

We have also built and sat on multiple Advisory Boards ourselves. From this experience, we have gained first hand knowledge of the opportunity for business growth when a board’s highest potential power is harnessed.

Chris Hessler | Chairman

I have acted in many roles – serial entrepreneur, philanthropist, author, loving husband, devoted father, and a triumphant cancer survivor. My wife calls me "The Man with a Plan."  And I’m on a mission to change the world, one great idea at a time, alongside incredible people who share my vision. 

I’ve been successful in an array of businesses, from securing over $80 million in early and growth-stage venture capital to orchestrating the largest community art event in history in support of  Wherever I am, my goal is to leave an impact.  

Over my career, I have experienced the incredible power of high-functioning Advisory Boards, and I’ve seen how they can boost success in many ways.  In fact, companies with strong performing Advisory Boards grow revenue almost +25% above companies without Advisory Boards.   

But there is also room for improvement, a way to make Advisory Boards even more effective.  The ABplatform is an idea based on my knowledge and experience.  It is a unique platform that offers the talent, support, and tools necessary to create high performing Advisory Boards for the businesses they support.

 Over 99% of US companies are small companies, and their success is vital to driving the American economy.  We think that we can play a part in that success by helping those small companies bring their big dreams to life via the right people and tools.  That’s why I’m here.  So whether you’re a seasoned entrepreneur, an aspiring business owner, or interested in joining an Advisory Board, I’m here to help.

Cathy Fischer | CMO

I love Marketing.  It’s the compass function of business – it tells us where to go and how to get there.  I’ve been a Marketer in a wide range of businesses, and I believe it simplifies down to five steps:  1.  Find your people.  2.   Figure out what they want.  3.  Create it for them.  4.  Tell them you have it.  5.  Get them to want to come back.  

At The ABplatform, our people are the CEO’s of early-stage companies who want their businesses to beat the odds and achieve sustained profitable growth, AND the business executives who know how to help the CEO’s do this.  I am passionate about connecting the two parties.  I find it patently ridiculous that the vast majority of startups go out of business when there is literally 40 million years of knowledge at their fingertips to help them.  Contact me and I’ll explain that. 

I have worked in CPG, Durable Goods, Specialty Retail, and Service businesses.  I have led Marketing in B2C and B2B companies ranging from $5M to $16B in revenue.  At the heart of any success I have achieved has always been the people around me.  One of my core beliefs is that every person has a gift to bring to the team, and it is the job of the team leader to find that gift.  

I have four kids who are mostly grown but thankfully sometimes still need their Mom.  My husband Dave is a NASA physicist, and we’ll be married 25 years soon.  To celebrate our anniversary this year we bought a puppy, who I love 92.3% of the time.  I am pursuing a certification in Art Therapy, with the idea that it might be helpful to unlock the powerful non-verbal creative ideas of business.   My own best ideas come when I am walking and listening to True Crime podcasts or looking at a sunset while eating a Rice Krispie bar and drinking an iced vanilla latte.

Chris Rush | COO

I believe that the highest levels of success are reached by pursuing goals that bring value to the world. When I’m involved in a cause based on integrity and helping others, I bring maximum effort and enthusiasm to helping it succeed – in any walk of life. As an implementer by nature, if there’s a worthy goal in front of me, I will blast through all the barriers to achieve it, but I credit much of my success with the people I have the good fortune of working with. My energy comes from my desire to make an impact, and I feed that energy with a keen focus on my mind, my health, my spirit, and most importantly being a dad.

My career has spanned many industries and titles with a common theme in sales, marketing, executive recruiting, and SaaS entrepreneurship. This is the fourth company I have founded, and I aim to make it one of my life’s greatest chapters. I know how hard it can be to succeed in business, because I have walked that path. I embrace failures as lessons learned, I live humbly without regrets, and I accept success as validation that good people can win, and hard work pays off.

I know firsthand how much value there is in leaning on trusted Advisors. I call them river guides, because they know the twists, turns, and challenges that lie ahead, and they can help you navigate your way safely. The key is to find the right Advisors and then to have the right tools and programs that help you maximize their impact on your business.  That’s what The ABplatform is all about. We find the Advisors your business deserves, and then we give you the assistance and platform to make that team succeed. 

Let’s build your dream team. With The ABplatform, we can help you turn your company vision into reality.

Poyen Ramos

Poyen Ramos

Customer Success Manager

Sue Gavin

Sue Gauvain

Chief Financial Officer

Amy Wood

Amy Wood

Business Development Manager