What is an advisory board?

An Advisory Board is a group who provide non-binding strategic advice and guidance. The primary purpose of an Advisory Board is to offer expertise, insights, and diverse perspectives to help the organization make informed decisions, improve its operations, and achieve its goals.

  • 7 times greater chance of scaling the business
  • +24% increase in sales compared to companies without advisory boards

The most common Advisory Board starting point is when a company has $1.5M in sales.

Typically, there is no cash outlay for the Advisors. Advisors are paid in company equity which vests over five years.

Typically an Advisor is asked to give one hour a month to the CEO. In addition, there are one hour quarterly virtual group meetings, and there may be one in-person meeting each year.

  • Business Growth
  • Succession planning
  • Increasing Asset Value
  • Sustainability of Business Model
  1. We will help you develop a profile for your desired Advisors – functional experience, industry experience, familiarity with key success criteria for startups, and company culture.
  2. We will compare your desired profiles to the possible candidates, and present candidates to you.
  3. You will interview and choose Advisors.
  4. You will send any required paperwork.
  5. Tools and best practices for managing the Board are found in our community platform.