The ABplatform

Maintain the Momentum and Value of Your Advisory Board

the abplatform

Most CEO’s don’t have the time to devote to managing the advisory board on a detailed level. As a result, what began strong has stalled out and struggles to add value.

the abplatform community management platform

Time is a CEO’s most valuable asset. We’re giving it back to you.

Here’s a fact. Your advisory board won’t succeed unless it’s managed on a detailed level.   

The ABPlatform’s  two-part solution streamlines the management, scheduling, and communication of your board so you can focus on your company’s vision.

Online Community Management Platform

  • Takes the burden off the CEO.
  • Streamlines the preparation of board meetings.
  • Allows advisors to collaborate in a safe and confidential environment.
  • Keeps advisors aligned and engaged.

Dedicated Community Success Manager

  • Schedules individual and group meetings.
  • Creates annual calendar and agendas.
  • Handles all communications and logistics.
  • Facilitates annual board performance evaluation.